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Nancy Gideon – From Midnight to Moonlight Sale! is featured at the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

Today our blog puts the Spotlight on award-winning Author Nancy Gideon. She is the author of the BY MOONLIGHT series and the Touched by Midnight series. You might know her as Lauren Giddings or Dana Ransom or Rosalyn West (Pseudonyms).

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From Midnight to Moonlight Sale! - Just $1.99 for a Limited Time!

From Midnight to Moonlight Sale!

Author: Nancy Gideon

Author: Nancy Gideon
Author Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense

Website: Nancy Gideon - Romance… By Any Other Name
Author's Blog: Tour’s Media Page
Nancy Gideon - Romance By Any Other Name
Twitter: @NancyGideon
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
Nancy Gideon is the award-winning, bestselling author of 60 romances ranging from historical, regency and series contemporary suspense to paranormal, with a couple of horror screenplays tossed into the mix. She’s also published under the pen names Dana Ransom, Rosalyn West and Lauren Giddings. She works full time as a legal assistant in Central Michigan, and when not at the keyboard, feeds a Netflix addiction along with all things fur, fin and fowl.

A prolific writer, Nancy attributes her creative output, which once peaked at seven novels in one year, to her love of history and a gift for storytelling. She also credits the discipline learned through a background in journalism and OCD. The due date for her third book and her second son were on the same day . . . and both were early! When on deadline, she turns on the laptop between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. to get a chapter in before heading in to her day job. She’s a member of GDRWA, MMRWA, PASIC, FF&P and Novelists Inc. and dotes on her critique group.

Midnight Masquerade

Touched by Midnight Book 8

Author: Nancy Gideon

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Can they escape the shadows of the past?

This time, he could lose his soul . . .

An invitation to join an exclusive D.C. law firm seems like a chance for Nick Flynn to leave his mistakes behind. But it's his shadowy past and unrealized inheritance that attracted his mysterious employers. Once embroiled in their dark schemes, his struggle for success becomes a battle for his salvation.

And she could lose her life . . .

Loner detective Rae Borden goes undercover as a call girl to discover the truth about her best friend's death. Her carefully laid plan of revenge and personal redemption becomes a crusade against an unbelievable evil . . . with Nick Flynn in the middle.

Remembered by Moonlight

By Moonlight Book 9

Author: Nancy Gideon

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Because the road to . . .

Clever, cool and preternaturally lethal, Max Savoie is leader of a secretive shape-shifter clan, heir to a mobster’s legacy, and the love of New Orleans’ top cop . . . but he can’t remember any of them. The only way to recover his past, and his rightful place in the arms of the woman who risked all to save him, is to surrender to a mysterious visitor who could use him as a weapon against all he’d loved.

Happily-Ever-After . . .

After rescuing her mate from his ruthless captors in the North, hard-hitting Detective Charlotte Caissie is now painfully vulnerable—a stranger in his eyes . . . and in his bed. The key to his memories is locked in a tortuous past. To reclaim the strength of their passionate bond, Max must learn to trust her enough to face that darkness at her side before the threat it hides exposes the secret Cee Cee carries.

Is never smooth.

When an investigation into grisly deaths in an underground Shifter fight club points to more than just dangerous clan rivalries, Cee Cee enlists Max’s help to find a traitor in their midst while there’s still time to turn a deadly invading tide. But the cost of saving their treasured future may mean sacrificing his past. Especially when the enemy they pursue . . . might be Max, himself.

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Jessica Lauryn – The Rabourn Theater Series is featured at the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

Today the HBS Author's Spotlight is showcasing Jessica Lauryn new Romantic Suspense series: Rabourn Theater. We are highlighting her first two books in the series. These are some of the BEST DEALS from outstanding Authors for the Kindle at Amazon.

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Rabourn Theater Series

Author: Jessica Lauryn

As the Rabourn and Nathanson families battle for control of the world they love, five unlikely couples come together and discover a different sort of passion.

Author: Jessica Lauryn
Author Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Contemporary

Website: Jessica Lauryn
Twitter: @JessicaLauryn_
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description:
An author of Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Jessica Lauryn is most intrigued by dark heroes, who have many demons to conquer...but little trouble enticing female companions into their beds! She feels that the best romances are those where the hero is already seducing the heroine from that first point of contact.

In Jessica's debut series, The Pinnacles of Power, five troubled bad boys: Ryan, Alec, Colin, Lucas and Jack must let go of the mistakes of their pasts as they battle the dangers surrounding an underground organization called Project Gemstone. Each man crosses paths with a strong, feisty heroine who has the ability to capture his heart and change the course of his life forever. Ryan's story, Dangerous Secret, kicks off the series in the picturesque town of North Conway, New Hampshire.

Jessica is a proud member of both Romance Writers of America and her local chapter, New Jersey Romance Writers. When she's not writing, she enjoys listening to as much 80's music as possible, keeping current with the story lines on Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless, shopping for the latest fashions and the prettiest of antiques, and taking long walks in nature where she can daydream about anything romantic. Though she resides in New Jersey, her heart belongs to the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire.

A Passionate Play

The Rabourn Theater 1

Author: Jessica Lauryn


In the midst of recovering from a blow to the head, theater actress Alicia Coleman comes to know the man whose home she awoke in and realizes the two of them share a complicated past. A series of dreams prompts her to suspect the most outrageous of possibilities--that the man holding her prisoner may actually be her lover. Surrounding threats cause Alicia to realize that proving her theory true--or not--may be her only chance of keeping her attacker from coming after her a second time


“I mentioned to you that we’re in Mohegan Lake,” Nick said sometime later, “in Westchester County, New York. Does the name of the town, the county, or the state sound at all familiar to you?”

“Not really.” Alicia racked her brain. “Should they?”

Nick shrugged. “Only if you think they should. So, you really don’t remember anything about your life, your friends, or your career before waking up in this house?”

“My career?” Alicia dropped her empty glass onto the table. Having felt a sensation comparable to an electric shock when he’d said the word career, she asked, “What is it that I do, exactly? Am I a lawyer? Do I perform surgeries alongside of a team of brain surgeons?”

“Something like that,” Nick answered with a secretive smile. Furious that he refused to tell her whatever he knew about her life, Alicia said, “You must be holding out on me because you’re familiar with my work and the knowledge of my success makes you feel completely emasculated.”

“I never said—”

“Understandable. Considering that you appear to spend the majority of your time hiding out in the woods, collecting the latest additions from Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn.”

Failing to offer anything in the way of a response, Nick grunted.

“I may not remember what I do for a living, but there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m capable of doing a lot of interesting things.”

“Are you now?” Her companion gave her a thoughtful glance. Coming to his feet, he extended his hand and said, “How about sharing a dance with me?” Alicia’s face became as hot as the candle flames. Looking from Nick’s open palm to the empty room around them, she swallowed and said, “There’s no music.”

“Well, I think we can do something about that.” Nick wandered across the floor to the area behind the curio cabinet. There was a stereo there that Alicia hadn’t noticed before. He pressed a button, causing the room to fill with soft, romantic music.

Nick extended his hand once more as he came toward her. His smile was cool but also insistent and it contained a hint of danger. Dark brown eyes looked into hers, willing her to trust, to comply with her very mysterious and yet compelling desires.

Allowing herself to operate on pure instinct, Alicia slipped her hand into Nick’s. His warmth surrounded her and she felt a hint of anticipation as he urged her gently forward. Nick led her into the middle of the floor. Placing one large hand against her waist, he brought her beside his powerful, broad frame.

They began to move and Alicia swayed in unison with her partner as though they had danced together a thousand times before. In her mind, she was in the arms of a stranger, but her body reacted as though he was anything but, as though he were someone whom she knew intimately. Nick’s eyes, his scent, the very feel of him seemed familiar to her, and as his hand slid from her hip to the small of her back she realized that she ought to be telling him he was getting too close. Except she didn’t want him to back away—it felt good, being close to him like this.

As her partner drew her closer still, Alicia felt chills, yet at the same time she began to let go of the tension she was holding. She was encased in a blanket of heat, and as that blanket spun her around and brought her back against its softness she was taken into a realm of comfort and dreams. Dancing with her captor felt right to her and in a strange way, safe. Nick had gone out of his way to make her happy tonight and she got the feeling that wasn’t something he did every day. Letting her eyes fall closed, she inched beside him and when he didn’t resist she rested her head against the cushion of his shoulder.

Nick’s arms enveloped her, and Alicia became aware that he didn’t only smell of pinewood but of something darker, something she couldn’t quite define. She sensed a degree of rebelliousness in this man and for some strange reason the idea of that intrigued her. Strength seemed to emanate from every part of him and she wondered what it would be like to taste that strength. Filled with the strongest desire to do just that, she settled her hand against the back of his neck and tilted his head so that she could just about feel what she wanted to so desperately.

“Kiss me,” she insisted, lifting her chin.

An Amorous Dance

The Rabourn Theater 2

Author: Jessica Lauryn


When Hannah Rabourn, daughter of Rabourn Theater's late owner, is attacked, a surge of mental flashes prompts her to consider that her father may have been murdered. Hannah's antagonistic stage director insists her subconscious is merely seeking closure. But as she and Evan become close once again, Hannah's suspicions about the past deepen, and she wonders whether the man she's falling in love with for the second time knows more than he's letting on. Evan Masters's dreams were shattered when theater-owner Baron Rabourn destroyed his budding acting career. Having forged an alliance with Rabourn's former partner, Evan assumed a mission to transform Rabourn Theater into what it always should have been. Fellow conspirators believe Rabourn's daughter is the key to power, and Evan is the means by which to achieve their ends. But Evan's feelings for Hannah are stronger than he believed. And when he realizes Hannah's life is in danger, he must decide between his passion and his heart.


Unable to stay still, Hannah maneuvered her way around the surrounding obstacles so that she could pace. She’d been trying to convince herself that these flashes of memory didn’t mean what they appeared to, but the truth was that she’d always had her suspicions about the way her father died.

The doctors she’d spoken with had confirmed her father had a heart attack, but she’d always found it hard to believe that a man in his fifties—a man in excellent physical condition with no history of heart disease—would die suddenly, for what appeared to be no reason at all. Having felt this way from the get-go, she’d conducted a bit of research, from which she’d discovered that her father had had an argument with Bruce Lancaster prior to the start of her birthday dinner. The stress of whatever they’d discussed might have taken a toll on him, and for years Hannah had believed that a heated discussion with the theater’s former owner had directly contributed to her father’s death. But if the images she’d been seeing were real, maybe her father’s death had had nothing to do with physiology at all.

Maybe he had been murdered.

“Hannah?” Evan called out as he opened the door. Failing to flick the light switch, he made his way around, almost tripping over the settee in the corner before asking, “Hannah, are you in here?”

Hannah covered her tearstained mouth. She had no desire to reveal herself, but she realized before she could hide that Evan had already seen her. After hastily wiping her face in hopes that he wouldn’t realize she’d been crying, she snapped, “What the hell are you doing in here?”

“Me? What the bloody hell do you think I’m doing in here?” Evan demanded, squinting at the gigantic mushrooms behind his back, as if they were going to agree with how ridiculous her question was.

“You shouldn’t have followed me. I wasn’t thrilled to see that my cousin decided to stay in a show her former stalker is a part of, but…I’m a big girl. I can handle anything that’s thrown my way, Evan Masters, I promise you.”

As Hannah looked downward, she realized Evan had no intention of releasing her. His grip was strong, but his palm felt like melted butter against her skin. She attempted to laugh at him, but instead fresh tears formed in her eyes. Evan took her into his arms before she could stop him, bringing her against his body with a force that demonstrated he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Unable to fight him, or whatever it was he was doing, Hannah allowed herself to be drawn against his warmth. His lightly bearded cheek sent tingles up her spine as it brushed against her own.

Evan held her, cupping the back of her head as he urged her toward the settee he’d all but killed himself staggering over a moment before. As he whispered a couple of soft, indiscernible things into her ear, the familiarity of his masculine scent soothed her raw nerves. In her mind, she held an unpleasant picture of him about to kiss her cousin’s shoulders, but the present moment played right over it, and Hannah let go of her anxiety, allowing herself to simply feel, to let her lover from another lifetime make everything right.

Evan brought his fingers beneath her chin and lifted her head so she was looking into his eyes. His smile giving way to a smirk, he said, “I saw you, Hannah. I saw the way you were looking at me when I was holding your cousin. The heat in your eyes wasn’t there out of concern for Alicia, or even because you were angry about my going ahead with the play. You emitted that scream because you wanted to be playing Blair on that stage. More so, because you wanted to be the woman that I was holding in my arms.”

Her eyes widening as her body grew cold with fury, Hannah said, “Clearly the sky-high opinion you’ve always had of yourself has only gotten higher. You make it sound as though you actually think I could still want you after all this time, knowing that I’m fully aware of what a bastard you really are.”

“You may hate me on the surface, Hannah, but I daresay your body responds quite differently. You shiver when I touch you and your skin warms on contact because it wants more, just as you wanted more the night I carried you off to the dressing room and gave you the passion that both of us so desperately craved.”

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Gary Ponzo - A Touch of Defiance is featured in the HBS Author's Spotlight Showcase

The Showcase is a special feature of the Author's Spotlight. It is designed to highlight Spotlight author's NEW releases and their soon to be released novels.

The HBS Author's Spotlight SHOWCASES Gary Ponzo's Book: A Touch of Defiance.

Gary is an Award-Winning and Pushcart-Prize nominated author. He is the author of the Nick Bracco series of thrillers.

A Touch of Defiance

A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 5

Author: Gary Ponzo


From Pushcart-Prize nominated author Gary Ponzo, comes another thriller ripped right out of today’s headlines. An anti-government party called the Civil Resistance Movement is growing in popularity as tension mounts between police and civilians. The head of the CRM, Leo Frazier, has his own racist agenda which is unknown to his followers.

FBI Agent Nick Bracco and team must track down Frazier and his group of zealots before the MLK Day rally becomes ground zero for a terrorist attack. As usual, Nick turns to his Mafia-connected cousin Tommy to help search these extremists in places the FBI couldn’t navigate. The team of characters return in this thriller which will keep you riveted until the final page

Excerpt from A Touch of Defiance

Chapter 1

Three seconds after the Garvey Space Systems building went dark, the front door burst open with a flash of light and an earsplitting blast. Two men wearing Halloween masks barged through the opening with their assault weapons pointed at Amir Hassam. The beams from their headlamps bored into Amir’s face as they ordered him to the floor. Amir’s stomach catapulted in circles as he slithered along the tile floor until he was up against the wall, pleading for the men not to shoot. A third masked man entered behind them, tapping the touch screen of his computer tablet with quick fingers.

It was three in the morning. Amir was the only security personnel on staff that night, and he was completely baffled why these men were even there. The building contained little of value as far as he knew. He threw his hands in the air and blurted, “Please, take anything you want. I will not stop you.”

“We know,” the leader said, swiveling his head around the room and shining the headlamp along the interior of the lobby. They seemed to be waiting for the computer guy to do something.

Amir was just glad they weren’t firing at him, taking each second as a gift. He was a security guard at the propulsion laboratory owned by a billionaire who decided to create a rocket ship for passengers to orbit the earth. There was an abundance of one-percenters who were willing to part with the hundred-thousand-dollar down payment and wait the five years for production. It’s why Amir was confused. There wasn’t anything inside the complex that would be of interest to anyone besides a competing laboratory. This gave Amir hope, thinking these men could be white-collar criminals and not thugs after some big payday.

The computer guy made one last tap on his tablet and the lights came back on. Amir could see the three men clearly now, their faces hidden behind the rubber masks, but their lips and eyes were uncovered. What was the mask? An old president? He couldn’t tell.

The leader of the trio shoved his rifle at Amir’s face and said, “Get up.”

Amir jumped to his feet, his heartbeat pulsing throughout his body.

The leader pointed the rifle at the seat behind the reception counter and ordered Amir in front of the computer.

“Get us in!” the leader yelled.

At first Amir didn’t understand, then the computer guy said, “He won’t know the password to the company system.”

Amir nodded fervently. “Yes, that is correct. I know nothing about the company except that they make rocket ships. That is it.”

“Turn it on,” the leader insisted.

“Not that one,” the computer guy said. Then he pointed to a computer sitting at the end of the long countertop that fronted the reception area. “That one.”

“What’s the difference?” the leader said with a little attitude.

“Only one person uses that computer, so she’ll have the same login every time.”

The leader stared at the computer guy as if he were about to challenge him, but decided to point his rifle at the other computer and yelled, “Now!”

Amir was nearly about to faint. His brain was lacking blood flow as he stumbled like a drunk and sprawled to the floor.

The computer guy quickly maneuvered around the leader and stood in front of the computer. He placed his tablet on the counter and zipped open a small pouch. He removed a test tube from the pouch and sprinkled a blue powder over the keyboard.

From the doorway, the third guy was looking toward the street. “Let’s get going here.”

“Relax,” the leader said. “It’s an industrial park. There aren’t any neighbors.”

“Still,” the guy said with an eye on the empty road.

Amir sat motionless, hoping they might forget about him sitting on the floor. His hands were clammy and his stomach was cramping.

The computer guy lowered some microscopic lenses over his eyes, the mask making him look even more sinister. “There are oils on the fingers of the woman from the lotion she uses each morning. I can see the keys that are smeared with the lotion. It’s the same six keys each day. Now I need to decipher the sequence by the direction of the smears.”

“C’mon,” the guy by the door shifted his weight from side to side like someone with a full bladder.

After a minute, there was a faint chime.

“I’m in,” the computer guy said.

He tapped the keys with extreme dexterity, as if he knew exactly what he was looking for. From the back hallway there was a metal-sounding click. The computer guy looked up at the leader and said, “Go.”

The leader ran to the warehouse and Amir could hear him push through the iron gate that sealed off the laboratory from the rest of the building. Everything was happening so fast, Amir couldn’t catch his breath. The computer guy leaned over the counter and said, “Give me your phone.”

Amir quickly pulled the phone from his pocket and tossed it to him. The guy snatched it out of the air, then grabbed his tablet and began tapping again. Amir sat there frozen, grateful to be alive.

The leader emerged from the hallway carrying a shiny canister. While jogging past the counter, he slapped the computer guy on the shoulder. “Let’s go.”

The door guy pulled something out of his jacket, then ran over to an open space in the lobby and sprayed something on the wall. Amir feared it was some kind of chemical and he began hyperventilating. When the door guy was finished spraying, he sprinted out the door. The computer guy tapped his tablet and the darkness resumed. The leader was the last one to the entrance. He stood in front of the opening and swung his rifle around, pointing it at the weaponless security guard.

Amir thought about his infant daughter who would only know her father from stories told by family and friends. He was about to beg for his life when the leader dropped the rifle to his side and said, “Wait ten minutes before you leave.”

Amir let out a whimper as he heard a car start. He waited a full twenty minutes before he staggered to his feet and crept outside. It was cloudy and cold. A typical winter night in Baltimore. He walked almost a mile before he reached a convenience store and dialed 911.

When the police finally arrived, the first words out of Amir’s mouth were, “I want to see my family.”

Author: Gary Ponzo

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Author's Blog: Strong Scenes
Twitter: @AuthorPonzo
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Amazon Author Profile

Author Description: Author Gary Ponzo began his writing career over a decade ago by writing short stories. He quickly discovered a knack for the short form. In just five years he'd published seven short stories in various publications, two of which were nominated for the very prestigious Pushcart Prize.

His first novel, "A Touch of Deceit," took five years to write and one to pick clean. The story was born from his childhood experiences working in his father's candy store in Brooklyn, NY. His father was Sicilian and became friendly with some local members of a different kind of Sicilian family. Since Gary was just fifteen at the time, these family members would make sure he was protected whenever he would work late at night by himself. He soon discovered a side to the mafia not many people knew. It was these relationships which caused him to write about Sicilian FBI agent, Nick Bracco, who recruits his mafia cousin to chase down the world's most feared terrorist.

"A Touch of Deceit," went on to win the 2009 Southwest Writers Novel Contest, Thriller category. He is currently working on the 5th book in the Nick Bracco series as well as trying to create world peace in his spare time. Gary currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Jennifer and two children, Jessica and Kyle.

Author's Book List
A Touch of Malice - A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 4
From Award-Winning and Pushcart-Prize nominated author Gary Ponzo comes another Nick Bracco thriller.

"These Nick Bracco books are really tight engaging thrillers. Great stuff," Creighton Rothenberger, screenwriter for the blockbuster movie, "Olympus has Fallen."

While filming a documentary, the President's brother is captured deep within the Amazon Rainforest by a Colombian cartel. The President calls the one person who has the underground criminal contacts needed to fight this type of vicious enemy. FBI agent, Nick Bracco. Once again Nick relies on his mafia-linked cousin Tommy to help with the operation. When Tommy recruits an assassin to join the rescue team, the rollercoaster comes off the track and everyone becomes a target.

Order the Book From:

A Touch of Greed - A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 3
From Award-Winning and Pushcart-Prize nominated author, Gary Ponzo, comes another Nick Bracco thriller.

NY Times Best Selling author John Locke: "Gary Ponzo's thrillers are so powerful, the government should use them as a renewable source of energy."

Ed Knight, Journey Books: "Gary Ponzo is a talented writer whose fiction contains a sharp wit all fiction readers should hear."

In this high-octane thriller, Nick Bracco, FBI's top anti-terrorist agent is drawn into the hostile environment of the Arizona-Mexico border. A member of his task force is ambushed by Mexican assassin, Antonio Garza, known as, "The Butcher," while trying to prevent the cartel staffer from transporting a dirty bomb into the US. As the agent is on the verge of slaughter, he calls Bracco with one last plea: Kill him.

Garza, however, uses his cartel money to reach over the border and secure a network of US law enforcement to be on his payroll. Bracco is forced to track him down with just a couple of agents he can trust, plus his cousin Tommy.

Tommy is a shrewd character with extensive Mafia contacts who offer their underground assistance as Bracco spearheads the deadly game of Sicilians versus the cartels.

Can Nick Bracco track down Garza before the assassin finds him first?

Order the Book From:

A Touch of Revenge - A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 2
From Award-Winning author Gary Ponzo comes the sequel to the wildly successful thriller, A Touch of Deceit.

FBI agent Nick Bracco heads an elite group of anti-terrorist specialists known as The Team. When his team members start showing up dead, Nick suspects a Kurdish terrorist who has revenge on his mind. As the terrorist closes in, Nick resorts to using an unconventional weapon--his cousin Tommy. Tommy has a quick wit and valuable connections throughout the Mafia.

Sometimes even the bad guys can be patriots.

"This is a wild and exciting ride."
Bob Moats, author of the Jim Richards Murder Novels

"Gary Ponzo's thrillers are so powerful, the government should consider using them as a renewable source of energy."
John Locke, #1 bestselling author of the Donovan Creed series.

Order the Book From:

A Touch of Deceit - A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 1
Winner of the Southwest Writers Novel Contest, Thriller category. FBI agent Nick Bracco can't stop a Kurdish terrorist from firing missiles at random homes across the country. The police can't stand watch over every household, so Bracco recruits his cousin Tommy to help track down this terrorist. Tommy, however, is in the Mafia. Oh yeah, it gets messy fast. As fast as you can turn the pages.

Book Trailer: A Touch of Deceit

Order the Book From:

Saving the World
Award-Winning author, Gary Ponzo, brings us a mind-bending thriller about Margo Sutter, a proven teenage clairvoyant who hears invisible aliens planning to destroy the planet. The world is in a frenzy debating whether to prepare for the apocalypse or lock up Margo in an institution. When she seeks help from noted psychiatrist Michael Bryant, he’s drawn into a maze of deception, lies and intrigue. Is Margo who she claims to be? A priest friend of Bryant believes Margo is an angel come down to save our souls. An FBI agent believes she’s aligned with the aliens and needs to be killed. As Bryant and Margo flee from the agent’s team of killers, they search for the truth behind the voices and what it means for our future. Who is Margo Sutter? And will she survive long enough for the world to find out? This heart-pounding drama starts on page one and doesn’t stop until the epic conclusion to this suspenseful new thriller.

Order the Book From:

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